Through research and testing on other parts of the website, I noticed a lot of user confusion surrounding the user profile. The most consistent problems I saw were:

  • The profile allowed for HTML customization, so many user profiles lacked a standardized layout or hierarchy
  • HTML customization created a barrier for new users
  • Most of the user information was spread between tabs, and analytics showed most users weren’t interacting with the tabs.


As a “10% project”, I designed a proof of concept for a new user profile to try to solve the problems I’d seen in testing and research. It displayed all of the user’s public information on a single page, and offered small amounts of standardized customization. This proof of concept mockup acted as a visual representation to help the product team and stakeholders see the benefits of a profile redesign, and soon it was added to the project roadmap.


The product manager and I met with the community and marketing teams to better understand internal requirements for the user profile.


I created a wireframe prototype that incorporated the user needs with the business needs, then ran a benchmark test on the existing profile page. I ran the test again using the wireframe prototype, and saw improvement in the user pain points.

Next, the visual designer applied the digital brand. Unfortunately, this project was cancelled before implementation due to a shift in the product roadmap so we never got an official measure of this project reached its goal.

Geocaching user profile

Project goal
To solve usability issues with the existing user profile.
Project outcome
Project didn’t make it to implementation, but prototype benchmark testing showed improved usability.
My role
Created proof of concept that initiated the project.

I was responsible for wireframing, prototyping, & testing. Another designer was responsible for the visual design.