About Becca

UX Designer in San Francisco, CA

Over the past 12 years working in UX and product design, I’ve acquired expertise in UX problem solving, team management, and a passion for creating intuitive and accessible experiences. My motivation is to meet and surpass design challenges while realizing inspiring and innovative final designs.


“Becca was a true leader on our UX team. She is expert in her design process from end-to-end: she can identify problems, propose a solution, communicate goals, and formulate a plan. Becca does her work so well that I was quick to trust her with any challenge, and she never buckled under hard decisions nor sought to avoid a hard conversation. Becca exemplifies design professionalism, and I hope to work with her again in the future.”

Monte Michaelis
Creative Director | Managed Becca directly at Geocaching HQ

“Becca is a go-getter! I appreciated the way she would work to get to the heart of the issue prior to moving forward on a strategy. Her impressive soft skills were matched with her excellent design abilities to craft solutions that were of high value to our customers. Becca demonstrated a strong work ethic and was an effective collaborator across a multidisciplinary team moving at retail speed.”

Alden Hopkins
Senior User Experience Leader | Managed Becca directly at CDK Cobalt

Other Interests
Virtual Reality
Music Festivals
My dog, Lily
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